YAS Management Reform



YAS Management Reform works with policymakers and providers to develop programs and policies geared toward improving the quality of education and enhancing the academic experiences of both students and educational institutions.

From early childhood to postsecondary education to adult workforce training, YAS experts work hand in hand with educators to identify and address obstacles to learning and drive positive change. We employ rigorous research, mixed-method evaluation, and evidence-based technical assistance to ensure education providers are equipped with the data they need to make informed, practical decisions.

Our expertise covers some of the most important topics in education today, including:

  • Educational Consultancy Services
    Educators are facing tremendous challenges in providing quality education that caters to the ever-increasing educational needs of the world of today.  Enhancing education provision is a vital tool for development of the national economy and the wellbeing of individuals and communities. High on top of the challenges involved are the needs for teacher professional development systems, and for better linkages between the educational and workforce development systems.To address these challenges, YAS has developed a structured model catering to the different levels of education:

    • Early childhood: Adopting new standards based on the best international practices for providers of early education programs.
    • K–12: Providing ongoing professional development and training for educators who teach English as a second language and remedial education to a diverse student body.

    We provide consultancy services tailored to our clients’ needs, and design and deliver world class educational programs.

  • Educational Management Services
    We offer a comprehensive array of services specifically designed to meet the challenges of today’s competitive education market. We offer a full range of Educational Management Services for postsecondary institutions – from feasibility studies, building and campus planning, to obtaining Regulator’s approval, to educational planning.

Our approach is built on client interaction and quality of implementation. We break this process down into four key areas:

The first step of any project is to clearly identify needs and expected outcomes. We do this by collecting and collating information, analysing it, and discussing it with our clients. We ask the right questions and collect the right data to result in the right outcomes.

We use needs analysis information to plan tailored programmes at a local, regional, or international levels. Our teams work with our clients to identify the scope of planning, informed by data and consistent with international best practice.

Our diverse team of educational experts cater for a range of services including professional learning and development programmes and schooling improvement interventions and evaluations. We recognise that one size does not fit all; hence each programme is designed to meet the unique needs of each client.

Review and evaluation is an important part of our approach. Our goal is to build the capacity of learners to learn, teachers to teach, leaders to lead, and systems to improve. Our reviews ensure that this is always the case and that the evidence is in our impact.