YAS Management Reform



Every organization must change – not only to survive, but also to retain its relevance in a world of intense competition, constant scientific progress, and rapid communication. But in order for change to bring a benefit and advance an organization to a higher level of service and operation, that change must be driven by knowledge. Planned change comes in the form of performance Improvement initiatives. Naturally, some performance initiatives are relatively small, while others are sweeping in scope, amounting to an organizational transformation.

Performance improvement initiatives may involve changes to business processes, restructuring an organization, responding to market shifts, introducing new technologies, etc. When performance improvement is well planned and implemented, it helps assure the organization achieves enduring benefits or prepare the organization for larger performance improvement initiatives. It can produce many tangible benefits, including improved competitiveness, better financial performance, and higher levels of customer and employee satisfaction.

YAS supports you with experience and expertise in performance improvement and know the journey that organizations undertake during periods of change and transformation – to help you map the best roadmap for success.

The key to successful performance improvement initiatives is to ensure that benefits realization is a key focus in the Project Design phase.

Our approach focuses on:

  • Creating a shared vision across Senior Management on the need for and opportunity presented by the performance improvement initiative – buy-in and commitment to the project.
  • Showing a clear linkage between the strategy and the performance improvement initiative.
  • Ensuring that performance improvement is not isolated but viewed as part of the wider strategic direction and project agenda.
  • Designing a detailed project plan and mobilizing the right people and resources.
  • Measuring the results of performance improvement to show the results of the initiative and our engagement.
  • Following up on performance improvement initiatives post implementation to ensure real benefits have continue to be realized.

We work alongside you to assist in identifying what type of improvements are needed, how they may impact other organizational components and what is the best way to implement changes resulting in real benefits and an environment that values continuous improvement.

Our performance improvement approach ensures that you achieve the step change in the business that has been identified as critical to ensuring your continued prosperity and growth. We are of particular value to organizations that:

  • Require additional capability and capacity to support the performance improvement initiative – project manager, project team, industry experts, analysts.
  • Are under pressure from their internal or external environment to change quickly.
  • Want to build capability for the future through training and implementation of continuous improvement.

YAS will provide you with a team of experts with industry-specific knowledge to drive performance improvement in your organization. We will:

  • Create a shared vision amongst senior management.
  • Ensure there is a detailed project plan the aligns the performance improvement with the organizational strategy and project agenda.
  • Give confidence to leadership by deploying our experienced performance improvement specialists.
  • Ensure the right governance structure is in place to make smooth decision-making.
  • Ensure the right project controls are in place to deal with any issues arising as part of the performance improvement initiative.
  • Deliver real benefits to you and provide post-assignment support to ensure these benefits last.