YAS Management Reform prides itself as the finest provider of training, development and learning solutions that caters to a varied set of clients. From global corporates and SMEs to government and public sector organizations, educational institutes and individuals, our programs are customized to suit every requirement.

We constantly aim at transforming the quality of the people working in and running your business through our training programs that encompass international management practices with an in-depth knowledge of the region, laying conscious emphasis on localization. They are designed to create coherence and strike a balance between individual performances and organizational developments in line with the culture and industrial approach of the country.

The modules blend in a holistic mix of bespoke training material, stimulated processes and practical methodologies that are result-driven and measured through regular follow-ups. They are created by veteran professionals who have diversified experience across various public and private sector organizations and exceptional skills in delivering effective business training.

YAS has complied with the NQA and KHDA looking forward to provide learning and training within non-formal education, that is those learning solutions aiming at technical and vocational training, lifelong vocational training and corporate training provided by certified training members.

Our approach behind formulating learning solutions is based on ISO 29990 standard for training services. Confirming to this standard, YAS Management Reform has refined suitable tools for the design, delivery and verification of training in line with the needs of the market and within the expectations of stakeholders and the final addressees of the service.

To maximize the retuned-on investment from the training, we evaluate, monitor and improve the trainee’s competency and constantly measure our program effectiveness to deliver a high quality of training service.

  • Needs of interested parties
  • Learning content and process
  • Specification of the aims and scope of the learning services
  • Specification of means of supporting and monitoring the transfer of learning
  • Curriculum planning
  • Ensuring delivery of Information and orientation.
  • Ensuring availability and accessibility of learning resources.
  • Ensuring that any learning services provided are controlled in accordance with ISO 29990 and comprehensively examined to enable likely influences on the learning service to be identified.
  • Surveys are conducted at the beginning and completion of each curriculum to manage learner’s expectations.
  • Throughout the experience facilitators and mentors constantly monitor the learner’s progress with clear targets set to ensure the learner’s expectations are met always to achieve continuous personal improvement.
  • Evaluation goals and scope
  • Evaluation of learning
  • Evaluation of the learning service

Offered to participants from any organization, the various methods under this style of learning include public courses and seminars held for large audiences. In this model of learning, the participants are given an opportunity to focus on their learning away from the job and without the pressures of day-to-day work tasks.

These events bring together a common pool of resources that assist in exchange of ideas and problem solving while also encouraging off-site learning. It helps create valuable contacts in the industry.

Based on your industry requirement, we round up highly qualified and experienced facilitators that identify training gaps and address employees and departments with expert guidance as well as on-the-job assessments.

Offered in English or Arabic, these cost-effective learning programs are devised to meet specific needs of the client to address organizational issues, instill business competencies, build team spirit, increase staff retention and reduce employee turnover.

They also enable the organization to select a proper mix of participants so they can receive maximum benefit from the program. Moreover, these programs can also be customized with specific cases and exercises to apply to the client’s situation.

From one-to-one coaching sessions to premeditated learning, individual training offers full-time attention provided by specialized and experienced consultants. These in-depth learning programs are specially designed for individual participants and focus on their needs. These programs include briefings by senior consultants, reviews of manuals, reports and more, and discussions and exercises supervised by the trainers.

Offering in English or Arabic, they embody skill development and personality enhancement of selected employees who are keen to increase their functional efficiency, technical know-how and managerial abilities. These programs can last from one day to three months, based on the needs of the individual and organization.

In response to the specific industry needs, we provide highly specialized and industry-specific training programs that are conducted by expert practitioners and experienced trainers with industry backgrounds. The training programs focus on specialized industry-specific topics.

Due to the advanced nature of the training, we source, recruit and contract senior practitioners from the specific field to share their relevant experience and expertise through the program. Devised to improve core business competencies, operational skills, and workplace effectiveness, we ensure that all trainers, material, and facilities used in our Industry-Specific training programs meet high standards of quality and reliability.